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E-mail Marketing


A Simple Process



While we make your life simple with e-mail marketing, we can explain how we make a complex process easy for you. We compile an email list through multiple avenues like popups on your site, newsletter signups, online orders, as well as direct integration with mail chimp to your sites forms. This allows us to create your audience to continue the process.

Once we have your audience, we distribute content through Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and more. We design the campaigns that best fit your product and increase the continued engagement of customers to your business. We accomplish this with information, promos, and updates that keeps customers active and it also reactivates old customers to come and shop again.



These are a couple of our pop ups we use to compile an email subscriber list. We can either set up a general signup form or we can couple it with a promotion that you can run through your business.



Once we compile a list, we design an eye catching email that will either promote an offer, a new product, new events, and anything else you want your customers to know. After designing the email, we will distribute and track the number of opens, clicks, and much more to turn the best results for your email campaigns. Check out one of our emails and email campaign reports.





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