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Social Media & Advertisment


Running a business, and a successful business, is a lot of strategy, hard work, and execution, and all of these factors take time and devotion. With the daily tasks occupying most of your time and attention, its easy to forget about social media and customer engagement online. Digital Mail 360 will devote our time and attention to your social media and online presence to make your job easier.

Social Media

Email Marketing

Video Production

Graphic Design

Our Creative team will take your Social Media to the next level, and help build your brand and client pool. We craft a plan for your specific business, and create daily posts as well as ad campaigns that will best work for your business. Our daily posts can contain picture, videos, as well as updates for changes, specials, holidays and more. If you check out our other sections, you'll see how we accomplish this goal.

Social Media & Advertisement

Display Advertisement

Sleep City Memorial Day Rectangle 0520

Display advertisements are banner ads displayed on a website that can be in the form of text, graphics, video, or a combination such a rich media. Display advertisements could have both a call tracking and a URL tracking number. You can keep track of the performance of your display ads, measuring elements such as clicks, impressions, and conversions to determine your ROI. For any small business owner, it is important to understand how to execute your future display advertisements effectively.

E-mail Marketing

Want a new strategy to engage and draw in your customers, well email marketing might be right for you. Email Marketing allows you to send emails right to your customers. We do this by putting them on a list of customers. This allows you to inform current customers about upcoming events, or new changes that might occur with your business. It also can be used to engage inactive customers, and get them interested again in your business. Email marketing is the next step in building your brand.

A Simple Process



While we make your life simple with e-mail marketing, we can explain how we make a complex process easy for you. We compile an email list through multiple avenues like popups on your site, newsletter signups, online orders, as well as direct integration with mail chimp to your sites forms. This allows us to create your audience to continue the process.

Once we have your audience, we distribute content through Mail Chimp. We design the campaigns that best fit your product and increase the continued engagement of customers to your business. We accomplish this with information, promos, and updates that keeps customers active and it also reactivates old customers to come and shop again.

Take your social media pages to the next level and take advantage of our Video Production services. We can either take your footage or come to you and get footage, edit it for social media, and give your customers a new experience. To accomplish this we use the best technology and software for high quality videos that we use in daily posts and advertisements.

Video Production

Graphic Design

The media you put out on your digital platforms could make the difference between someone purchasing or disregarding your product or service all together. With our professional creative team here at Digital Mail 360 we can assist with driving viewers to your website, or social media by making engaging content. We put an immense amount of work to guarantee that the social media posts or digital ads are especially tailored towards your business and audience to get the most out of your digital content. We are the right to choice to do graphic design work for your business, whether it be social media posts, e-mail banners, and even logo design and redesigns.


One of our Daily Posts for Mesquite Grill, in addition to ad campaigns and boosted posts with Facebook.


A banner for an E-mail campaign for Valpak of Rochester. We design the email content and distribute it to your email list using either Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or Zoho Campaigns.

Lisa's Liquor Barn expansion & contruction progress video for YouTube, Facebook, and their website.


Design for a Facebook post for Umi Japanese Hibachi.

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Social Media & Advertisement

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